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GTM Nights is the premier networking event series designed for go-to-market professionals committed to driving growth, alignment, and innovation. A brainchild of RiteGTM, these events serve as a collaborative platform where thought leaders in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success converge to share insights, strategies, and best practices.

Some companies with GTM and revenue leaders who regularly attend our events:

Why attend?

Strategic Alignment: Navigate the complexities of aligning your revenue-generating departments for optimal market execution.

Knowledge Sharing: Learn from industry experts who provide actionable insights through case studies, panels, and keynote speeches.

Networking: Build valuable relationships with like-minded professionals, paving the way for future collaborations and partnerships.

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Volunteering as a City Manager offers an unparalleled opportunity to influence the go-to-market community directly. You’ll be at the heart of a network that values innovation, collaboration, and the professional growth of its members. This is your chance to leave a lasting impact on the industry, facilitating strategic alignments and knowledge sharing that are the hallmarks of our thriving community.

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Do you have a compelling GTM story or insight to share? Are you ready to launch your AI startup? We invite you to be a part of this game-changing event series. Reach out to us and make your voice heard.

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If you're interested in sponsoring an upcoming GTM Nights event, we would love to hear from you. Sponsoring our event is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand, connect with industry leaders, and contribute to the development of cutting-edge GTM practices.

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Recommended Steps for Launching a GTM Nights Chapter

  1. Market Research: Conduct a market study to identify the density of GTM SaaS companies and go-to-market professionals in the city.

  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Partner with local business associations, incubators, and co-working spaces to gauge interest and sponsorship opportunities.

  3. Venue and Logistics: Select an accessible venue that can accommodate the expected audience and facilitate networking.

  4. Content Strategy: Plan the topics and speakers for the first few meetups, aligning them closely with the theme of departmental convergence for revenue growth.

  5. Promotion: Leverage RiteGTM's existing channels, such as the GTM Vault newsletter, GTM Nights Newsletter, GTM Nights LinkedIn page, and Luma, to promote the new chapter.

  6. Launch Event: Host a launch event featuring high-profile speakers to generate buzz and attract a large initial audience.

  7. Feedback and Iteration: Collect feedback after each event to continuously improve and ensure that the discussions are aligned with market needs.

Launching a GTM Nights chapter under this strategic lens not only enhances the brand equity of RiteGTM but also contributes meaningfully to the industry’s evolving needs. It serves as an accelerator for companies to realize the full potential of aligning their marketing, sales, and customer success departments for maximum revenue impact.

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The premier event for go-to-market leaders driving growth, alignment, and innovation. Created by RiteGTM, this community is a collaborative platform for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success leaders to share insights and strategies.


An event series for go-to-market leaders. Attend our events to engage in groundbreaking dialogues, listen to influential speakers, and craft new alliances.